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Accounts from ethnographic research endeavors

Utopian Ideas in Herman B. Wells Library

The Herman B. Wells library on the Indiana University campus dominates the landscape, with its modern architectural designs and its open spaces filled with trees, bushes, and tables. But, inside, there are certain areas that contradict this utopian and perfectionist ideal.

Dura-Europos Art and the Roman Middle East

The sacred spaces which contained Durene religious art enveloped their worshipers. Whoever entered the synagogue, temple, mithraeum, or house church (domus ecclesiae) would be presented with a three-dimensional presentation of a certain cultural awareness expressed in religious terms.

Ecstatic Bernini, Abashed Modernity

[Bernini’s] sculpture simultaneously depicts Teresa‚Äôs fiery rhetoric unabashedly and with the sort of engineered reserve that prompts viewers to question the binary between invisible and manifest, spiritual and physical, sacred and profane.

Utopian New Harmony

As individuals have different moral values, political beliefs, and views on human nature, there are equally different ideas of how a utopia would operate. This natural individuality can create tensions during an attempt to assimilate people into any society, especially a utopian society with rigorously pre-determined institutions.